problems you can dance to

by Belleau Woods

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a demoz min-E.P. when 4 sweaty boys with guitars rip off lyrics and themes from their favourite sad songs and write songs about lives lived vicariously through friends


released July 6, 2011


all rights reserved



Belleau Woods Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: Lovely in a Painful Way
we sit at the side of parties in backyards on trains home and when she died your family stood around her could things get better could we just stay together if i could hold you still would you wait for me i dunno how long this is gonna take itll take time take a walk with me through the park we wont get home until after dark but i just wanna go somewhere and talk to you 3 years go by what did they do whats changed did i or was it you lets just sit ourselves right down here for a few more moments
Track Name: make DUE
so tell me that youre losing sleep because i cant do this on my own dont know what its gonna take to turn this house into a home i must not be sleeping right since that last month youve been gone oh please come back home i know im not your worst mistake but your not here and im not late i stayed up waiting for your call but you werent there and when the lights turn out the gigs packed up behind the house last time we tried to wish each other well we toasted to the future it doesnt seem like this dont make much sense my friend but a shot back to the past right now just makes it much more bitter maybe thats just how it goes but we dont know what we cant control growing apart growing older maybe this all just to find a new way one thing i know for sure were better off than we were before and all these second chances anyway decides the new romantic
Track Name: Bridges Be Burnin'
why not take that chance there is room on this dancefloor for two wastes of time you've gone around here before back then we were both just kids dont bother with the fleeting landscapes that change just like your tastes and plans weve got this town to ourselves and were not getting any younger i know im not getting younger